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Lux Mund-Light of the world

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Thank You for Choosing Mwenge Catholic University, Congratulations!!! The following link contains full information that will help you to join Mwenge Catholic University, please read carefully and whoever needs admission letter ...


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Research & Publications

Directorate of Research and Publications
Research and Publication Directorate at Mwenge Catholic University has a mandate to oversee research and publications activities at MWECAU.


We care on our students health; Mwenge Catholic University has beautiful Health Center called MWECAU Health Center. All important services are available including Ultrasound and many Others.


Mwenge Catholic University has a good library furnished with necessary equipment that provide conducive environment for learning at MWECAU.
Welcome to Our Mwenge Catholic University Library


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We care staying connected with our key stakeholders for improving services offered at the Mwenge Catholic University.

You can give feedback on services provided at Mwenge Catholic University via various means suitable in sustaining our University. These Include but not limited to available Social Media accounts, comments on the post as well as various suggestions box posted in some potential area at the University.

We love receiving feedback for the development of Mwenge Catholic University; Please like our social media and stay connected with Mwenge Catholic University

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Kindly find a list of Graduates and Non Graduates for the 13th Mwenge Catholic University Graduation Ceremony to be held on 19th December 2020. Note 1; if you find you are ...

Why Choose Us?

1. Vision

Vision is to be a “leading University that sets a national, regional, and international example in Education and Training, Research, and Consulting as well as Community Service.”

2. Mission

The mission of the University is “to produce professionally competent, innovative, and committed graduates who are grounded on professional excellence and moral integrity for provision of quality services to Tanzanian and the global community.”

3. Our Motto

The University is dedicated to St. Joseph the Worker, with the motto ‘‘Lux Mundi’’ which translates in English to “Light of the World.”

4. Core Values

Integrity: The University will model, both in attitude and in behaviour, a strong sense of acting uprightly with honesty, sincerity, and a high ethical standard for the love of God and neighbor.
Trust: Our commitment builds confidence to our stakeholders.
Excellence: The University will deliver its programmes in such a manner as to ensure academic rigor and relevance, and commits us to challenge ourselves to utilize our God-given gifts – intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, and ethical. Our goal is to produce the highest quality.
Accountability: We recognize and live-up to our responsibility to our students, campus resources, and community at large.
Respect: It moves to understand the gifts and unique contributions of every person in the University community which includes the value of diverse perspectives and life.
Teamwork: Our community works together to support our vision as well as our students’ success.
Service: The University will work to meet the learning demands of the individual student through quality programmes and a supportive learning environment.