Notice to all non-degree students 2021/2022

Notice to all non-degree students 2021/2022

Notice to all Postgraduate students 2021/2022

This is to notify all MWECAU PGDE, MED, MBA and PhD students that, the University Examinations  Results for both Session three, four and Supplementary / Special 1st & 2nd semester of 2020/2021 have already been published provisionally to your UMS accounts on 12 / 02 / 2022. Kindly check your accounts and observe the following;

  1. If you do not see your results then you probably did not finish paying tuition and, or carry over fees. Consult the accounts
  2. If you are sure you paid all the feels as required, but you don’t see your results, please consult your Course Instructor who will pursue your problem
  3. In case of any error, please report immediately to the relevant office 1 or 2 above before midday 19 / 02 / 2022.
  4. Students have the right to appeal against examinations results. Should you wish to do so, get reminded that appeals have deadlines. They must be submitted to the Director of Postgraduate Studies not later than seven (7) days i.e., from 12 / 02 / 2022 to 19 / 02 /

 Office of DVC ARC

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