Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Environmental Studies (BAGEN)

Direct Entry

  • Applicants must have at least two principal passes (one of which must be Geography)

Equivalent qualification entry:

  • Applicants must hold at least three ‘O’ level credit passes in relevant subjects, one of which must be Geography, and must hold a Diploma in related fields of environment, with at least a B grade.

Mature age entry

  • Applicants must be 25 years of age or above
  • Applicants must have either obtained at least three credits in approved subjects at ‘O’ level or attended Form 6 at least 5 years before the year for which admission is sought
  • Must have passed Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) examination.

Programme Contents

Year 01 (Semester 01)

  • Basic Computer Application Programs
  • Communication and Academic Study Skills
  • Physical Geography
  • Climatology
  • Settlement Geography
  • Historical Geography
  • Economic Development and Globalisation
  • Urban Geography
  • Geography of Energy

Year 01 (Semester 02)

  • Spatial Organization
  • Surveying, Cartography and Map Analysis
  • Environmental Resources and Food Security
  • Transport Geography
  • Industrial Geography and Geography of Marketing
  • Practical Training
  • Entrepreneurship

Year 02 (Semester 01)

  • Social and Professional Ethics
  • Development Studies
  • Quantitative Methods in Geography
  • Environmental Education and Conservation
  • Soil Resources
  • Tourism and Environment
  • Medical Geography

Year 02 (Semester 02)

  • Population Geography
  • Remote Sensing
  • Agricultural Geography
  • Hydrometeorology
  • Research Methods in Geography
  • Biogeography
  • Practical Field


Year 03 (Semester 01)

  • Population and Development
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Water Resources Management
  • Regional Planning and Development
  • Urban Transport Planning and Management
  • Land Evaluation for Development Planning
  • Agriculture and Rural Settlement Planning

Year 03 (Semester 02)

  • Research Project
  • Environmental Disaster Management
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Urban Planning and Management
  • Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Environmental Assessment