Directorate of Quality Assurance

The Directorate of Quality Assurance was constituted in2008 as part of an objective framework for the establishment of Quality Assurance structures at Mwenge Catholic University.

The main focus was the creation of a quality assurance culture within the University that would likely increase MWECAU’s competitiveness in a globally competitive quality education sector.

The overall objective of MWECAU Directorate of Quality Assurance is to promote high academic standards through maintenance and continuous enhancement of quality academic, research, consultancy and outreach programmes, in line with the University’s Strategic plan, the TCU Standards, and guidelines and standards set by relevant regulatory authorities.

The mandate of the Directorate of Quality Assurance includes the following:

  • Create awareness on the need for Quality Assurance within the University
  • Promoting the culture of excellence in both students and staff.
  • Ensuring a systematic, structured and continuous adherence to quality.
  • Implementation and promotion of quality assurance systems and structures in all University academic operations.
  • Ensuring that quality maintenance and quality improve become integral components of MWECAU.
  • The development of clear procedures and standards of quality assurance for non-academic, administrative and other support service units of the university.   
  • Promoting monitoring of internal quality assurance at the institutional, faculty, departmental and individual levels.
  • The organisation and facilitation of periodic Internal and External Quality Assurance Assessment of the University

In order to attain the stated objectives the DQA is committed to:

  • Monitors and evaluates all key academic and research processes in the University.
  • To address quality issues related to student assessment and teaching evaluation.
  • Develop relevant policies, manuals and guides for University-wide QA operations.
  • Sets up facilitations to address customer and employee concerns.
  • Works with relevant University organs to define and set up quality benchmarks.
  • Establishes linkages, partnerships and networks with other QA units/institutions/centres to enhance quality in all the University’s undertakings.
  • Promote quality training and teaching practices.
  • Coordinate the University for reviewing and evaluation of its academic programmes in line with the TCU regulations.

For More Information and Suggestions Contact

The Director of Quality Assurance

Sr. Dr. Catherine Muteti

P.O Box 1226

Tanzania, East Africa

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